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Brand Impressions is a team of specialists with a focus on digital presence and PR. We believe that for a business to be relevant now and in the future, they have to invest in a digital and PR presence.

We’ve been riding this beast for almost two decades; we’ve watched it grow and we understand digital and communication evolution. By understanding the impact these have on a business, we can unlock opportunities and deliver tangible results with our clients.

Strategically led, we fuse passion, creativity, and innovation to create remarkable results. Brand Impressions has hand-picked the perfect talent to form the most dynamic and determined multidisciplinary team in the digital and communications landscape, which in turn, fuels our hunger for success as a preferred digital presence and PR agency.
We never stop learning!

The Brand Impressions way

We Discover.
We Create.
We Decode.

Brand Impressions has an extensive digital presence and PR service offering incorporating strategy implementation, technical and analytical, as well as maintenance and ongoing support.

Brand Impressions creates custom digital and communication solutions that deliver results. We decode your needs and fulfil them. We value solid foundations as highly as we value good strategy and design– which we use to build, maintain and support your company.

With an ever-present synergy between strategy, design, development and content, our solutions are far more intelligent than anything so good-looking should be. Now ask yourself: Does your digital and offline presence add value to your business?

A wide range of our digital touchpoints

* Mobile website and experiences
* Website experience design and development
* Game concept and creation
* Digital installations, activations and showrooms
* Advanced Interactive 3D Graphics
* Dynamic interactive video content tools
* Dynamic social content creation
* Creative ideas and Direction

our team is built of highly creative specialists

* Digital and experience strategy
* User experience and Interaction design
* Leading web and mobile design
* Advanced web browser effects
* Graphics, Illustration, 3D and video content
* Installation and physical interaction
* 2D & 3D Animation design
* Audio and Music design


What we do,
we do well

Brand Impressions believes in building long-lasting relationships where our clients are our partners. We are passionate; we are perfectionists and we are specialists – these elements are invested in your digital marketing and PR presence, ensuring that it is both unique and memorable.

We love teaching our clients and learning with them. We thrive on collaboration and education and will continuously improve the results we deliver to you.

Digital & PR is easy, we’ll teach you how.

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5x Mobile of the Day

Iron sharpens Iron!


  • Hillary Tusiime Busharira
    Founder, Team Lead

    Hillary is passionate about strategy, people and clever stuff. His aim is to get to know his clients, empower them and find solutions that make sense and deliver results. With a creative background, his uncanny ability to merge strategy, UX and business acumen not only drives the success of Brand Impressions, but the undeniable growth of clients.

  • Hillary Tusiime Busharira
  • Peter Wabwire
    Full-Stack Software Engineer, CTO

    Brand Impressions's FireStarter and Chief Digital Officer is a firm believer that access to the internet is as important as access to clean drinking water. With his finger firmly on the technological pulse, his deep-rooted modular understanding of technology makes the implementation for smart tech simple and efficient. With a strong background in Software engineering, Peter has the ability to add personalised improvements to just about anything.

  • Peter Wabwire

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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help digital and general companies to create amazing identity by crafting top-notch UI/UX and Branding.